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An interactive art installation inviting you to step inside a pop-up phone booth and talk to someone who is no longer around — whether you knew them, loved them, admired them (or not). 

Traveling up and down the West Coast, participants use this installation to share things left unsaid, pains still fresh, laughter still alive, tears over moments shared, and moments not-yet forgotten. 

Conversations I Wish I Had is heading out on a West Coast tour this summer — I hope you'll join me.



"when i was a 12-year-old at summer camp, a message on my answering machine informed me that one of my best friends had died in an entirely preventable car accident. coincidentally, it was on the 19th anniversary of her death that i stepped into the phone booth. the experience was surreal; i found myself telling her things i had somehow censored when i visited her grave. the intimacy of the space combined with the openness of the prompts allowed me a certain level of candor i hadn't found in past conversations with her. thank you, morgan."